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We live in a world where confusion and uncertainty is the reason behind many decisions we make. Which also tells us that we don’t even have our own future in our hands. But life is filled with challenges and sometimes we have to gamble. Probabilities, is the name of life at most levels and it is not difficult to explain that. Even a 9 year old child who is upset and is being consoled by his loved one is being gambled upon. The “I understand” phrase is so overrated these day, all it does is lighten the burden for about half a second but when you get older you realize, nobody understands you. It’s just the oldest lie in the book that is ineffective after a point of time. Some realizations can change your attitude, maybe that’s why we are 20 different people at 20 different times. We can’t have a solid personality, we have to mould ourselves into being likable in different societies. Now the question pops up, different societies? Don’t be under the image that a man lives only with one kind of people. This is 21st century, there are more flavors of ice cream than there are tribes. People today are so worried about how others think of them. This is another challenge that gets the better of men. Often in the attempt to make ourselves acceptable in different surroundings we mess up, there is no denying it, some who are smart enough to say,’hey humans make mistakes,’ and move on get saved, the others get trapped in their houses for the rest of their lives and get studied and mocked upon. Why do we try so hard to create that perfect image that actually nobody had? Worried they might not call you at their funeral? The challenge is not about being called at a funeral but bringing smiles on faces at a funeral. And when we learn to do that, is when we have accomplished this challenge of life, to be that contagious light that lights a dark tunnel. It’s a shame how people are always after the perfect career, perfect college, perfect partner, perfect car, and end up having an imperfect life. It is not as fast as it seems, we have time not for petty things. We are so busy running behind a god, or getting some material object, a degree, or any other man-made ideas that we forget the natural element of “time”. Sadly science had been cunning enough to exclude it from the elements of nature, probably because its the strongest. We cannot capture time, there are specific species adapting to survive in different elements of nature like fish in water, birds in air, some bacteria in fire and worms maybe within the earth. But we are all part of time and we can’t change it. Too repetitive thought of ‘time once gone can never return’ has a lot of meaning in it than what meets the ear. Narrowing it down to the present moment we can easily realize the solidarity of the situation. And thinking that we can also understand how humans run aimlessly behind trivial things for ends that don’t make sense. Once realizing it, this life will make more sense to you than ever. And the real challenges will start to appear before you that will make you the perfect person.

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