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Although I Wished Her To Heal

Sickened me, those shattered glasses. The floor wept with them, but held them upright.

Sickened me, while I tried to collect, correct a mistake not even mine.

And as I pampered the earth that held her, that mistake pierced me,

With a face of consequences, of else’s actions.

But that mistake, flawless as it was, needed every correction in the books,

For, before that mistake, there was a flawless truth,

And that truth, it needed to surface.

That truth, was her whole.

And when Love holds your hands, and guides you down a lane, you walk,

You walk till your feet are bruised, and your lungs ache and whither.

And so I collected that mistake, to make it whole again,

In the end; in the end the scars was all I had.

But when Love holds your hands, and guides you down a lane, you walk.

You walk with a smile, you walk with a spring in your feet.

Because Love is about the journey, it was always about the journey,

So I could look at those scars, and remember her again.

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