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A Freedom Struggle

A grave mishap shadows this country contrary to the dilemmas of perfection. The disease infested from an inborn instinct to demean the grace of woman, can graduate to further flourish in the underworlds of terrorism. I stand in no post to address this section of the mass for I am a man- the enemy of your pride. But I stand with chastity and I mean every word off my tongue. It is true that the barbaric men choose, with their prejudice to woe your physical vulnerability.

In this land where rage is depicted through ignoble deeds, generosity is the most feeble attribute. On an encounter, would you succumb to a resourceful man? I hope not, and you dare not. I can not provide a strategy as fate runs the lives today.Justice is only a word, and the Constitution is provides a thousand interpretations that can even prove a terrorist innocent, but I am nobody to point fingers. However even in the darkest abyss, those claws can be threatened by unity. Its immense power to demolish the proclaims from a guilty man and its mobility provides the strength of an empire.

It is rightly a coward who spreads such a filth and it is naive to give into it. The studies and law bring no results and it is foolish to depend upon it. This being fed will only make your life narrow. To go out alone, or wearing inappropriate dresses will only become the fear of the past. Being locked into your own home, being slaughtered at your own doorstep, being punished for every word will be followed and why? Just because we as men hold that perspective towards you?

There is not much left to say except that maybe this is the last attempt to rebel against any injustice. This is another freedom struggle being fought in independent India, only this time, the sacrifice is bigger.

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