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I Am Just Another Leaf

I could see the trekking men,

Lay foot on our Goddess,

And my ageless friend Breeze,

Slapped past my cheek.

I faced the showers He endowed,

We lived as one, a Community.

It was Comfort at define.

I breathed Gold.

I slept a Tranquil dream,

That Beasts to be exile.

But wonders I see,

That rest upon my smile.

Blueberries and Fireflies,

I see them dance within their fleet,

While mistic souls dance,

Between the gaps.

But old as all I get,

The ageless Breeze tricks me to death,

Slaps my cheek again. Alas!

I fall into trekker’s grasp.

Pride as I once held,

Makes me seen in their eyes,

I lay now in their pockets.

I am just another withered leaf.

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