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I Had A Snowman

It was a summer evening But it stood there. Melting or sweating, I couldn’t say. I had a snowman that fought the wind.

It had no arms but it hugged pretty well, It had no ears too, But he danced at the bird’s songs I had a snowman, who learnt to live.

He had no mouth but he knew the hymns, He sang them on Sundays, For delights of me, or Him, or both. I had a snowman who believed in Him.

He did not blink as if he was never tired, To face the reality, That dawned upon him each day. I had a snowman that was brave.

He wore a scarf, to hide the scars, That were left behind, From his haunting past. I had a snowman that could forget.

He never wept or complained About life, He knew he had to melt. I had a snowman who accepted his fate.

Every breeze stole his skin, But he always smiled, As if it was carved upon him. I had a snowman who learnt to melt.

Soon he turned into shapeless water, That flooded our lawn, And made the grass grow green. I had a snowman who was immortal.

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