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I See The Beyond

Every human has an innate ability to perceive object differently, sometimes out of the box. This, by the ancients was called the Bard in a human, where the Realms of Reality are not considered and the true creativity is visualized and brought to life. This is what the Bards see. No laws can define this ability, no force can defy it and no man can deny it. Oblivious in itself, this unconscious sphere encircles us throughout our life, sometimes it is a translucent ideology, and sometimes an opaque shield that works your concepts in life. What Bards See is nowhere near mortal comprehension and yet its source is a mortal. It might seem discouraging to opine what your Bard sees, for its irrational and yet challenging nature. Is it but not your fault to believe in their beliefs, or considering their criticisms? Why do we curse for our drawbacks if we are the reason of our vulnerability?

What Bards Sees is nothing but an insight to what lies beyond reality. It is a medium that will open the doors beyond human capability and turn your mind into a drug, making you immune to the social influence. To contemplate within an intra-personal relationship with your paranormal is to visit a land beyond human description. To see what your Bards visits, is not just a gift but a responsibility to a dying ritual. Thence, upon the word of my duty, I engrave upon this rock, What Bards See

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