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What are idols for? What role do they play in our life? Why do we need idols? If you think with a broader perspective it is only humans copying or pretending or moulding themselves into being someone else and this someone else has been given a rather acceptable status of an “idol” but looking back, how necessary is it to have idols in life? Studies show that having an idol increases one’s work rate and makes them a better person but what is this better person? Who defines better person? Isn’t it a very general statement to make after a detailed study? The answer is, we ourselves define the qualities, and how do we do it? Through our idols of course. Mostly these idols are famous personalities, or one’s father or a caretaker for that matter. But it’s not what they do that makes them your idol, it’s what you know about that person that works here, and fortunately enough, you don’t know everything about your idol. Imagine if your cherished revolutionary’s last words were “spare me please!” Or the businessman you looked up to turned out to be a fraud. How bummed would you be? Quite a lot I am sure. The fact is we cannot trust anyone today, hell even the newspapers are not reliable now but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have idols, else who will conduct the stupid studies to see the functions on an idol? The fault with the humans is that they believe that whatever they own or follow is the best of all. This is why we have wars between communities even though behind the stories of these religions, the lessons are all the same. But we are too blinded by our individual or in-group superiority that we don’t see the subtleness of it. Heading back to idols, it is not possible for anyone to be perfect, even god is not perfect, else there would be no demons. It is however a good concept to have someone to look upto and take example from the good qualities and not go into details of that person’s life, hence the phrase,’don’t ask questions you do not want the answers to.’ Idols can be seen as the helpers and it would be a mistake to see yourself in them. You can not have exact same life as someone else, he has worked differently than you, that’s why he is your idol. Sad truth is no matter how hard you try you can never reach the level of your idol, but the good part is, during your journey you will become an idol for many, and that feeling is just godly.

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