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Introversion a boon or a curse?

This post is dedicated to those introverts who are seen as emotionless, self-obsessed individuals by their close associates. Being one of such hardliner introverts I can superbly express what baffles us the most. Your ignorance. Yes we like our little “me times” and yes we prefer staying aloof not due the fear of being judged but because that is our comfort zone. However we do not see the world differently. Yes we have emotions too but we have a different way of expressing, a bit old school, a bit (lot) silent but we do express nonetheless.

Since humans need examples in all aspects of life, here is one for you readers to feed upon- At present my cat is super ill and has been since 2 months now. My father is one hardcore introvert who does not SHOW much affection towards Slash (my cat). Very recently though, due to Slash’s constant vaccination schedule collided with my normal schedule and so for the first time in his life, my dad held Slash while the vet injected him. And it was also the first time he got bitten by him too but not for a moment did he panic or show his otherwise exceptions response to stimuli. He only stared at Slash, as if he could feel what Slash was feeling. He wanted it to be over soon for he could not watch him in pain. He was not present of most of Slash’s medications but managed to know what he was going through somehow. Ironically we initially thought he was not bothered about the animal’s life, but then he realized he was the most concerned human.

All I am trying to say is that just because we don’t show it doesn’t mean we don’t possess it. Maybe we feel more deeply about things and are easily attached to them.

Your brother may not show interest in your exams but he sure as hell will wish you luck. That little act in itself shows he cares, and feels for you.

You may call us names or just look away from us. You may just say its worthless discussing anything with us emotionless freaks, because that does not bother us, we deal with problems and emotions much greater than mere mocks.

Again, this is dedicates to all the introverts who find it difficult to adjust in an open society.

P.S. no animals or introverts were harmed during the typing.

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