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Numbers Can Also Be Negative

You can plead or beg for mercy. You can ask for forgiveness or question your fate because there’s no stopping that for it is in the times of true uncertainty that men show their true state of mind. You are taught to be different with quotes like “we need to be odd to be number one” but we forget that humans are social animals. Staying isolated is a living nightmare. You can show the rage through your eyes and tongue but it is only a mean for temporary relief. Things don’t go always as planned because this is no fantasy. You need to learn that there are people better than you, more ambitious than you, and far more hardworking than you and not because they are “gifted” but because they have a better reason to be so. There are ups and downs and you will make it difficult for yourself by counting only the ups. You don’t know what lies ahead of you so stop planning. You are left with a past that you can reflect upon and you are left in the present to correct yourself. Remember, we are all here for the first time, some just cope better, and some give up better. Don’t count your gains and losses, you can’t be measured in numbers or degrees or words, you are not some video game character. What really matters is only the fact that you are still alive and in a state to go on. It is stupid to say life doesn’t give you chances, for every new moment is another chance to give another best shot. It is up to you and you only to treat it as an opportunity or as a failure. There are 7 billion people on this planet and you know only a few thousands of them probably just the names so it must not be difficult to make your space between them, but here is where you are wrong. You don’t need to make an image for yourself, this is not a job interview. You don’t have to cheat or be a staunch believer of norms, they are the people who need desperate help. You need to just stop living by numbers because if you do so, let me tell you, life is the most uncertain thing you will ever come across and your numbers are likely to have drastic falls at some point and in those moments it will be impossible to get up for numbers can also be negative.

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