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Over-thinking a snag

Thinking and over-thinking have same difference as do practicing and planning. Plans don’t work out often. It is this over-thinking that has been the cause of many man-made disasters and I don’t think I need to explain that part. We all have choices and we can choose without any restrictions but it equally necessary to make the choices that best support your time. You can believe the Mayan calendar but what did that lead to? A bunch of movies and documentaries followed by brief terror and back to normal life. You can believe science but it has made this planet into a gas balloon and again threatens to end the life here, forcing us to think of an alternative planet to shift people there. I mean, really, after billions of currencies invested, that’s the theory they come up with? You can also believe in psychology but it has made the mindset of a human into racist ideologies. We sure have choices but the choices are not good enough, so we go on to create the road of our own. We create choices for ourselves but in the attempt we “over-think” about almost everything. The circumstances, the efforts needed, resources required, which brings us back to where we started from, maybe because we never left that place.

Over-thinking holds us back in more ways than not, and one gets addicted to it faster than any drug mainly because it brings our desired urges to life and these urges are never ever safe for ourselves or others. Think about this, you are standing under the sun, it is burning hot but you don’t feel the heat. You are too occupied by hatred. You are staring into the eyes of your enemy, trying to see the guilt in his eyes, but you find none. You want that gun in your hand to blow and his blood to splutter on your face so you can feel his death, his pain and quench your anger, and while that happens, during that brief moment of him in agony, you think of all the shit he gave you. And the next thing you know you are in the cafeteria with an Irish coffee in your hand. You were over-thinking. But this is not the end; you start “planning” for something of that sort because you feel it is a good idea. Not let me ask you something, where is your humanity now? You can spend the last penny in your pocket on some trivial object just to serve this fantasy of yours, you can demean the ones you love and isolate them, you can do any of the inhuman things just so you don’t feel that little incompleteness in your head about the thing you “should” have done. But “shoulds” never work out because they are the past. Over-thinking is just a demon that dwells within, an animal that feeds on your mind, and what do you do with animals you have to live with? Train them, to live a life according to your wishes. The question is not whether we are born with it or have developed it in life, the question is how to fit ourselves in the community with that little demon poking your brain. There is one little secret that the science has not told us, it is that we can also mock these demons with ignorance. Next time you are unconsciously driven into these over-thinking fits, take a break, drink a glass of water, look at the reality, smile, and say (preferably in your mind) ‘You are just a neuron that can die off a cigarette puff, so stop messing with me.’

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