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Random Bangdom

As the name suggests, we live in a Random Bangdom. Yes I coined it, and you know what it means, so I have little to prove I’m right. With Tinder setting the mood and many other locals corresponding the same trend, it can be said that tomorrow is going to be very much more exciting than today. Unless today’s adults learn to adopt our humble, approachable, positive attitude, then today can be great too. What I am pointing out to is not merely the culture set by dating apps, but the approach the youth has towards it. Today youngsters are excited to connect with their friends, first thing in the morning. Mostly because technology has made it a lot convenient, making the time ripe for a Random Bangdom.

I agree to one thing that “adults” say, ‘the next generation is weak.’ Well, I don’t mind, if you call being vocal about your emotions, weak. There are less closets with people locked up in them, to me, these are better days than yesterday. This is progress, encouraged by this generation you call “weak.” Random Bangdom is not a sexual connotation, its a pride of the generation to accept every man and woman as however they choose to be identified. Random Bangdom is revolution programmed by the strength of the youth because yes, the fight has been real. Random Bangdom is about giving another meaning to sex and believing there is something bigger than that, which is love, loyalty and trust. Random Bangdom is a cultural embodiment of Humanitarianism.

History has taught us something and that is, times are always changing, the effects of which are brilliantly put by my favorite artist, Bob Dylan. With that lesson I must say, maybe someday this culture too will become only a memory, but that happen only when humanity has accepted the versatile nature of its behavior. It is then that people of any gender and sexuality will feel comfortable talking about it and practicing it. History has also taught us that necessity is mother of inventions, and unity is the reason for revolution. Today is the time of Random Bangdom, a moment when equality is being restored. Basking in this open-minded culture, is the only suggestion I have for the cringing oldies, because we’re all a citizen of Random Bangdom.

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