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Synopsis Through Legend’s Eyes

The synopsis of a man’s life is prepared and given,

Where his destiny may be hell or heaven.

The tiny bird with her fluffy feathers,

And during winter the food she gathers.

It all depends on the heavenly writings,

From vanity of a winner to people’s knighting.

The poor fellow sleeping in the grasslands,

With his soggy body, bare legs and hands.

Watching the godly creations pass by and fly above,

Crawling nasty rattlesnake, and a pretty dove.

The rare illusions that seldom force you to think,

Dissolve the events of past, on papers within a blink

Free as a raven, strolling and enjoying the diamond weekends,

Walk and talk to the breeze, with the closest friends.

To be unique and fresh, just as that rising sun,

Over the pathways to heaven, following the signs of fun.

It may meet few lacks, but lights always are fore.

Defending and guiding, fearlessly showing heaven’s doors.

Open the mind, this is not the end,

It’s just a beginning, with a bend.

No cry, no fear,

No pain, O’ dear.

Only the faith shows you higher,

Down you go, when you turn a liar.

Emotions and decisions ain’t the key,

To get you higher till you’re free.

But this is only the mythical law,

Tuned in but synopsis that the legend saw.

Clipped into but his wisdom eyes,

Could it mean our lives realize?

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