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The Humanism of Advertising Industry

You’re driving on an expressway for seven hours now. Suddenly your car heats up and stops. You assume that it will start once the engine cools down. It is two hours since and your car doesn’t seem to start. It is 3:22 am and there is no sign of help arriving. Lucky for you, there is a billboard around with contact of a mechanic. Lucky for you, he operates overnight and provides pick-up services. Lucky for you. Or is it a very well placed billboard and nothing else? Maybe this is exactly what anybody else would also find helpful, and it is not really a luck aspect that led you to that mechanic.

Today, the urban community has every brick accounted for. Similarly, advertisements have made it possible to market every product effectively. Reaching out to the right audience is the most challenging step, and then to convince them to come to you? Almost impossible, with the skepticism that envelops the attitude of humans. Be it an ad for dog food, or vacation destinations, ads have always stuck around in the unconscious of us all, and to make it possible for every individual to find the appropriate services tells us about their reach. Is it effective? Certainly. But is it necessary? Absolutely. It is purely for its humanitarian purposes.

Imagine a society that is ad-free. A society that is not aware of what is out there in the market for them. The family would be inadequate. Not only will they have less to contemplate upon, but less in terms off requirements. Yes, necessity is the mother of inventions but advertisement is the father. You can not look at it as a mere bearer of the news, for in that sense, we neglect the most important functions of the advertising industry. It is not merely the billboard with a poster, or a 30 second pop-up ad that defines the purpose of it. Advertises convey the purpose of the product; it is not only about what is out there, but also how it is useful to you. Here, it does not only create a necessity, it serves one. No you do not necessarily need a mechanic on a highway, but someone might just. And in a society without ads, the person would have been stranded for about a day unless sheer LUCK favours him. So advertisements challenge luck by providing better.

The humanism of Advertising lies in the help it provides. It lies in the thought of satisfying the needs of the audience at large. Advertising industry is a boon, a father, setting the lifestyle of the community. It is born from a humanitarian ideology, and must be treated thus. Eventually, you too will find a necessary item or a hobby just by looking outside the window, for it gives you something to look at and perceive through your own, individual experience.

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