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Twas But a Comet

T’was a drop that plunged the ground, Scars it pressed ‘pon a morbid time. Bore it a vicious string to eye a tail paint, A wound of study to wise who name it “comet”.

Dazed it drunk their vows and heir. Moans and growls amused his ear. The Gaseous Freak frowned a mock, Before it slapped the rivers’ dock.

They prayed their mind to father reptiles, Fore-with they wither their feet agile. What fruit they bite to enrage the heavens? Not known their rank as reptiles of demons.

Gracious Ho! Thou haughty king, What serve thy victory at swords’ ‘plauding? With threats on your throne at tomorrows, From haughty men like the Pharaohs.

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