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What is Mother’s day?

I dedicate this post to all the mothers out there. Of course.

What is Mother’s day? I will get to that in a while. Ask yourself first, when have you, NOT, looked for your mother, first thing in the morning. I complain about her waking me up early. “School time!” she’d come cheerfully. “No ma! Few more minutes.” Another fruitless wish of mine was granted. After school-days were over, I started demanding for coffee every morning. “Ma! Where is my coffee?” And it was always there in the fridge, waiting for me. This interaction had become a habit for both of us. I am sure there exists between you and your mother, a principle conversation that kick-starts your day. So ask yourself, when have you not looked for your mother, FIRST thing in the morning?

Do not get me wrong. I am not suggesting that this dependency is why we need a day to thank their efforts. While skeptics believe that these holidays are only means of capitalists to gain some profits, this day, in my most humble and unbiased opinion, is to step out consciously from that routine not merely to give them a break, but to remind them what we appreciate about them. What I have noticed over the last 22 of my conscious years is that mothers willingly grant us wishes, as if it is their duty, when it is clearly not. It is like having that dedicated employee going a few extra miles because he feels he should. This day is for them to look back at the efforts they put in to bring a smile on our faces, because these women, stubborn as they are, will never look at it that way. You will agree with me if you try an remember each time you said “thank you” to your mother. She will probably even smack you for it. They don’t do it for a thank you. So today is the day for US sons and daughters. For us to make sure they feel the thank yous you have showered upon them, needless to say because they BLOODY deserve it.

Today I was at a mall, where some capitalists have organized an event where mother’s were asked to narrate incidents describing their child. Literally all of them went on to say how helpful and thankful and grateful their children are. “My son is always take out time when I want to go to a doctor” (well obviously). “My daughter wants to watch each and every movie with me so we can talk about them later.” The point is not for them to know that ‘we anyway appreciate you’. The point is in the process of reminding them that these daily interactions give their relationship a deeper meaning. ‘Memories’ is the word to be emphasized upon. The memories you and your mother create are the backbone of this day and in remembering them, the smile that your mother has, is not because you did something for her, but because she is reminded of how important YOU are to her.

So if I have to give justice to this day, I will ask my mother for coffee first thing in the morning, like I did yesterday, I will ask her where my stuff is in my room, like I always did, and I will lay my head on her lap, like I always did, because while I have utmost respect for her, I want her to know, today of all days, how important she is in MY life.

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