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Three Valley-less Mountains, Three Bloodless Brothers, Three Deprived Shadows

Long amidst the night’s crest,

Amidst the fallen face.

Beneath a rotten stage, of shame and prejudice,

Were the three deprived shadows marching in debt.

Elite desires of lust drain,

Desires with robust cage.

Catered with depth or residing lones,

They marched their hips, profound vain.

Dark seated, stared truth,

Seated with depth or alive.

Well for two, well for all, they greatened height,

Olds mould, sire Shadow’s booth.

But shadows for halt or heave,

Shadows under rage uplift.

Amidst they powered, sour to his feet.

Cornered he steamed, while youngs deceive.

Against the polared heat,

The bloomed darkest foe.

Breads and wine was all he cared,

While poured with haste, they had their sheet.

Betrayal, an arrowed mind.

Demeanor, O’ Rodent’s feet.

You bade your kin farewell,

But slave’s fist, will knots bind.

That starry crest,

That naked sky.

Had made of thunder,

Amidst its breast.

Unleash an unaged kin,

The corners get the filth.

But no coin worths more,

Than the name on its fin.

Deprived on soul and face,

The three deprived shadows.

Then the night of fear and fate,

Set their palm uppalm with belowness.

Their tale eared by measured woes,

Tale of each tampered prayer.

Tale of three valley-less mountains, or three bloodless brothers,

Or justiced as three deprived shadows.

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